DID Numbers

Your Local Number in 60+ Countries

Landline or toll-free, Voipxchange DID numbers allow you to create a truly global presence for your company. Giving your clients a local contact number to call boosts company’s image and trust. Never pay per-minute charges, forward DID numbers to your own VoIP phone system (or use FREE Voipxchange Hosted PBX) for just a small monthly fee. Or redirect your new DID number to your own mobile or landline, saving up to 70% on long-distance calls.

Why use Voipxchange DID Numbers?

For Traveling

  • Get a local number when traveling
  • Forward it to a FREE mobile dialer
  • Redirect your number to a travel SIM card
  • Give you friends and family a cheap option to contact you


For Your Business

  • Give you business a truly global presence
  • Use with your existing PBX or with free Voipxchange PBX
  • Forward to voicemail, IVR or hunt groups
  • Time-based redirection to landline or mobile


Most of our DID numbers come with two incoming channels. But if you need more channels, just assign them to the Voipxchange Incoming Trunk. That will give you more channels and ability to redirect an incoming call to several extensions.