Voip Xchange Inc. is aggressively seeking international partnerships, other than the U.S and Canada, with Organizations and other Qualified Carriers/Service Providers to install gateways that enable enhanced services of voice traffic in their host country. Program A-Z Termination from moving Minutes Networks Partner gives us the opportunity to add value to our international partners by providing very competitively priced, quality based wholesale transit of voice minutes and many variety of wholesale VoIP hardware such as VoIP termination, VoIP Gateways, CMS, Gatekeepers, Call relay, Signaling, Converters and much more.

We have the largest independent SS7 network in North America with direct access to carriers throughout Asia and South America. Our International 214 Licenses sophisticated SS7 infrastructure and ISP code provides data privacy and service quality while maintaining a high level of ethical and professional practice. One IP connection to our SS7 structure will connect our partners to almost every switched operator in North America. Our SS7 architecture is set up so that any signaling point, data base and switches could exchange information with any other SS7-capable signaling point, not just signaling between switches that are directly connected.

Voip Xchange Inc. offers our partners an opportunity to increase their revenues substantially by terminating international calls and becoming a major long distance service provider in their own country.

Voip Xchange Inc. partners with carriers all across the globe using VoIP solutions which benefits our partners equally by offering footprints in strategic geographical locations to extend the reach of long distance telecommunication. Please contact us at (408)912-7000 if you have any questions or wish to get started in our partner program.

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