As a provider of VoIP solutions to customers around the world it is essential for Voip Xchange Inc. to offer flexible and reliable remote installation services. The expert team at Voip Xchange Inc. ensures the specifications and needs required by your local environment are fulfilled with minimal inconvenience.

A typical Remote Installation package from Voip Xchange Inc. includes services ranging from gateway-only installation to installation, configuration and testing of complete solutions consisting of VoIP hardware, software and carrier services. Voip Xchange Inc. will perform complete configuration and diagnostic testing of all intercommunications between the products involved. Furthermore, the entire system will be monitored and tested under real traffic load conditions to ensure that our customers receive uninterrupted performance when their systems are live.

In addition, Voip Xchange Inc. also offers on-site installation services and on-going or on-demand only maintenance services.

To obtain a complete and detailed list of our technical support services, please email sales at or fill out an information request form.