Voip Xchange Inc. provides businesses and anyone around the world the opportunity to start their own VoIP service. Voip Xchange Inc. Reseller Program offers web access, the opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses to private label, provides different access interfaces for different clients and check ASR and CDR. Voip Xchange Inc. state of the art infrastructure provides reliable management tools for our clients. We offer detailed balance of accounts, access to customized reports, keep records of activities so our clients may view the VoIP traffic and much more on line. We provide our clients with competitive low pricing so that they may pass on the great deals and savings to their own customers.

To get started with your own VoIP service, contact us at ( 408) 912-7000 and we will set up the Agent Account . You may test our routes and within a few business days the Agent Account will be activated and you can start providing VoIP services to your customers anywhere in the world. We look forward to working with you.

Voip Xchange Inc. offers:

  • Reseller and Agent Interface
  • Web access
  • Reporting tools
  • Rate Management tool
  • IP Phone and Gateway Support
  • SIP & H323 Compatible